Making Sure Your New Home is Free of Pests

Pests can be a nuisance. According to although most pests pose no significant danger, others may cause untold damage. Rats, for instance, may poke holes into expensive apparel. Worse still, the pests are known to be carriers of certain disease causing organisms. At all costs, thus, pests should be eliminated from living premises. The good news is that most pests, if not all, are easy to control. The most ideal way of getting rid of these animals is by ensuring that there is nothing in your home to support their survival. For instance, pests like rats and mice will thrive if there is enough food for them to eat.

To start with, therefore, ensure that your kitchen is devoid of any food remains. Rodents, on their part, will
thrive where there is enough food. In that case, make certain that you deny rodents an opportunity to get a
meal from your house. If they get a meal once, they will keep coming back for more. So, ensure that you feed
your pets in a designated area and dispose any remains effectively. Further still; ensure that all cereals and
any foods are stored in rodent proof containers. In this way, you will not only be preventing rodent invasions
but you will also protect your home from cockroach and ant assault.

Next, identify and seal their entry points. Most pests follow only one route into your house. For instance,
rodents follow one path and so tracking them should be easy. Upon identifying their entry points, seal them
completely. If you are unsure of these entry points, do a basic search. You will notice that openings in the
house foundation, on the roof, and on the doors may be the major pest entry points.

It is also important to keep your yard clean. Most pests come not from the neighborhood but from our own
yards. Ensure, thus, that grass on the yard is well trimmed and trees pruned. It is also advisable to either burn
or bury all types of domestic waste. Some of this waste offers exceptional breeding grounds for pests. By
disposing the wastes properly you destroy important pest breeding grounds.

Another way of keeping your home free from pests is by inviting pets like dogs and cats. These pets are
effective in controlling all types of rodents that may live inside or outside your house. If your living situation
allows, invite birds into your home. These may include free-range chicken or exotic birds that feed on small
insects like bugs.

To get rid of small insects like mosquitoes, ensure that there is no stagnant water inside the compound. Tall
grass or bushes within the compound should also be cleared or trimmed.

Pest control needs not be an expensive affair. The most important thing to do is to ensure your house and
compound is well organized. All pests thrive in dirty, crowded, and congested environments. Dampness in any
part of the house or compound is also conducive condition that allows pests to breed and multiply. To
guarantee that you are free of any types of pests, introduce order, cleanliness, and dryness in your living

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